Communal-style dining restaurant Small Plates opens in Armory Square this weekend

Small Plates set to open in former PJ's Pub and Grill location this weekend.

It's safe to say it's one of the fastest transformations in Armory Square history. In just 9 weeks, the former PJ's Pub and Grill has become Small Plates which is set to open Saturday.

The former General Manager of Empire, Adam Eagan, is now the General Manager of Small Plates.

"They have a very unique service style here. Everything is meant to be brought to the table, set in the middle of the table, then you get a small plate, where the name comes from, and you share everything from the table," says Eagan.

The Detroit based restaurant still has its motor city flair, with its graffiti wall which is the masterpiece of a Detroit artist named Shades and its booths customized by the Motor City Denim Company.

Everything on the menu ranges from $7 to $17. There is also a pizza bar where they'll make the pizza in front of you and serve it fresh out of the oven.

People of Armory Square are welcoming the new place and concept with open arms. Richard Shaler works down the street and is excited to have a new choice for lunch.

"It just seems like there is so much development coming into Syracuse and it's great to see new places coming in and we work down here and eat lunch down here and it's great to have another option," says Shaler.

Evan Williams also works downtown and is excited about the new dining style.

"It's unique, it's different. Everyone likes going out to eat, but having a new concept makes it exciting. I'm looking forward to trying it out," says Williams.

Darcy Mahaffy of Clay says the communal style dining is perfect for her big family.

"I have four kids and it sound like something where I would want to bring the whole family down and it would get us all talking around the table," says Mahaffy.