Community comes together for son of Jennifer Miles

Jennifer Miles

With a smile always lighting up her face, Jennifer Miles was the perfect teacher.

Christine Dopp is one of Jennifer's best friends. "She's the type of person who you want teaching your kids. Wholesome and just the most lovely person. You never see her without a smile on her face, she's a beautiful girl," says Dopp.

To help her two year old son Logan, family, friends and members from the community are now raising money to help Logan as he grows up and goes to college.

"It makes me feel good to know that Jennifer can watch over us and know that we are taking care of Logan," says Dopp.

Three months after news of a freak crash spread across the community, many here at this benefit are still grieving the loss of someone they love.

David LaQuidari is Jennifer's cousin. "For the past, you know since this happened it's been weird going over to my uncle's house and not seeing the whole family together," says David LaQuidari.

Richard LaQuidari is Jennifer's uncle. "I know my brother and my sister in law and her siblings, it's gonna take a lot of time," says Richard LaQuidari.

"We had our hearts ripped out that day, absolutely ripped out of our chests and it takes a real, real long time to get over that," says Dopp.

This is the third benefit put on by family and friends for Jennifer Miles. These fundraisers help them grieve, bringing old friends together to remember a wife, mother and friend.

"It's so miraculous when you see what kind of an effect Jen had in her community that there are more that one benefit for her son. That's how loved she was," says Dopp.