Community Comes Together to Help Patterson Family

Patterson Benefit in Cicero


November's deadly car crash stays with the Paterson family every day.

Lance Paterson Sr. Lost his daughter-in-law in this crash. "It's just too bad that such a tragic thing had to happen to shorten things up a little bit," says Patterson.

Hundreds of friends, family and neighbors from across Central New York came to raise money for the family as the struggle with increasing medical bills.

Jaclyn Patterson-Boylan is the Great-Aunt ."Everybody that's walked in has asked me how the family is. Given me a hug which then starts the pool of tears, because more than anything I would love Olivia to be here, cuz after seeing her yesterday she wanted to come really bad," says Patterson-Boylan.

10-year-old Olivia is back in the hospital attached to an IV. She was paralyzed from the waist down and is now losing weight after internal organs were damaged in the crash. The Patterson family hopes to use the money raised to buy a home, so they can make modifications for Olivia and her wheelchair.

Lance Patterson Jr. is Olivia's father. "I think it's great that people can, sorta like rally together to help somebody especially help a family that really could use it right now, cuz it's been tough these last few months.

This fundraiser also brought out complete strangers who heard the Patterson's story and were compelled to help.

Vicky Blitman was out supporting the family in Cicero. "Any time you hear a tragic accident like this you just wanna rally around the people that are the victims in this and their family members, it's just so sad and so tragic," says Blitman.

From the tragedy, people are now trying to help make life a little easier for the family, one day at a time.

Even if you were unable to make the benefit, you can still help.