Community comes together to remember James Gifford

Vigil for James Gifford


ne week after James Gifford was beaten to death outside the 7-11 on Valley Drive in Syracuse, family and friends held a vigil to honor and remember him.

Marilyn Brady and Carol Wright worked with James "L

ast few nights I've been having a hard time even sleeping. You know you close your eyes and you try to picture what he went through. It's just sad -- it's so unfair to take somebody's life like that

," says Brady. "He was a dear man, very sweet and kind and why somebody would want to do that I don't quite understand. I'm hoping that some good will come out of this."

"I hope the people, the kids today I just hope they will just learn from it. Just such a sad waste, a waste of a life," says Wright.

John Schopfer gave the opening prayer. "T

his resonated with the community


the community was indeed, they were outraged by it and they had a gut feeling and it translated over all different groups in the city. This is something there was a commonality of concern on this man's death

," says Schopfer.