Community comes together to stock shelves of Sherrill food pantry

Local businesses, and the Sherrill community are coming together to stock the shelves of the Sherrill Food Pantry. It's to make sure families in need have many meals this holiday season.

The Merchants Association put a shopping cart in about 20 businesses, inviting customers to drop off groceries and toiletry donations, as they shop and eat.

Kathy Noonan, a partner of Emelio's, says Sherrill is a wonderful place to live. For her business, there was no hesitation to put out carts. She says the community helped her business get off the ground so giving back now is important.

"People are very supportive. Customers come in and we ask them if they'd like to purchase a bag of macaroni or a can of sauce to put in baskets to help out in tough economic times," Noonan says.

Amy Hart helps run the pantry. She's thankful for the overwhelming support.

"Traditionally, we are well funded by different community organizations, but everyone knows how expensive groceries are right now, and we are spending a lot of money keeping our patrons with groceries," she says.

The Sherrill Food Pantry is set up like a small convenience store. Right now, it's taking toiletries, groceries, even produce and frozen donations. It serves neighbors in Vernon, Verona and Sherrill, and is open two days a month.

The food drive runs through next Sunday, October 21st.