Community heals together at candlelight vigil in Oswego

A candlelight vigil was held Wednesday night at Breitbeck Park in Oswego to remember the young, innocent victims of the Newtown elementary school massacre.

Rebecca Smith and her friend Jackie wanted to give the community of Oswego a chance to pray and mourn together.

"It's scary. I personally need this to heal. I send a 4-year-old off to preschool every morning and I I trust the school, but now I don't have much trust in other people," says Smith.

Shock is how most described the moment they heard the heartbreaking news. Cindy Trusler says she was putting her grandkid to bed when she heard the news.

"I heard it on TV and I was shocked that someone did this to these little kids," says Trusler.

Lisa Odin came with her daughter and grandkids to send a message.

"If this is one way we can get the word out that we are thinking about you, we love you, and we pray to god that this never ever happens again," says Odin.

Odin's daughter, Leaha Zeno, has been holding her kids tighter this past week.

"As soon as the news came on and I heard this tragedy happened I immediately wanted to go hug my 5-year-old kindergardener, take him out, and tell him that everything's going to be ok," says Zeno.

Together they read the names of the victims out loud, followed by a moment of silence.

In addition organizers gave everyone a green and white remembrance ribbon, the colors of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Holding candles, shoulder to shoulder with their neighbors, the small community of Oswego heals together.