Community honors 21-year-old murder victim Rasheed Baker

Community honors 21-year-old murder victim Rasheed Baker

SYRACUSE, NY -- The Syracuse community is coming together to remember murder victim, Rasheed Baker, during a basketball tournament at the South West Community Center.

Baker was a standout football player at Jamesville Dewitt High School, his jersey number was 44. His mother Rasheada Caldwell, started a Let Me Be Great with 44 Foundation to carry on his legacy.

Baker was shot and killed on June 5th outside his home on the Syracuse's Valley neighborhood. His family now offering a 10,00 reward for any information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the person or people who did it.

Meantime, his family works to keep his memory alive, having no answers as to who killed Rasheed, is painful.

It's a heartache that will never go away.

"His presence is so missed, everyday I call his hame and let him know and the universe know that he still lives," said Rasheada Caldwell, Rasheed's mother.

Rasheada Caldwell's son was shot and killed right near his home. Two months later, still no answer.

"Honestly, it's been really tough for me and for us and the community to know that the killer or killers are still out loose and we haven't caught them yet," added Caldwell.

Syracuse Police told us their investigation is active but would not release any more information.

Caldwell said the police have been in constant contact with her family. She said police have told them they have leads but so far, no arrests.

"Very good with telling me the truths and telling me they would never lie to me, so close to me is captured," explained Caldwell.

But she said the community as a whole needs to do better as police work to catch the person or people that killed her son.

"We have to tell, we have to talk, if we see something wrong we have to say something because we cannot only just save that kid but we can save all the kids and when we start speaking up and let people know what you're doing wrong then people will stop," said Caldwell.

Two kids at the tournament received a plaque from the Let Me Be Great with 44 Foundation, which was created in Rasheed's memory, along with school supplies and sneakers since he always had a love for style.

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