Community raises money for Stacy Blackmer's medical bills

Stacy Blackmer


ore than one hundred people came out to help Stacy Blackmer after she was diagnosed with a rare and incurable form of melanoma six months ago.

Many of her family and friends and helping to raise more than ten thousand dollars to pay for her mounting medical bills as she continues to receive treatments and surgeries at hospitals across the northeast.

After being diagnosed in May, she's visited with doctors in Syracuse and Pittsburgh. Last month she began receiving treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Blackmer admits she has tanned in the past when she was younger, but does not tan anymore. She is now stressing the dangers of tanning even if it's done only once in a while.

Blackmer is now grateful for the support she's receiving as she continues battling cancer.

"It's overwhelming the amount of support that everyone is giving. There's so many people that have hearts of gold, its amazing. And it's all pretty crazy what people will do when something like this happens. This is bigger than we ever expected it to be," says Blackmer.

Her husband Jon was right by her side as she thanked the entire audience. "Just the amount of support we're getting from everybody is just crazy and it makes you very humble that people come out and support you," says Blackmer.

She will be traveling to Massachusetts General Hospital Monday to undergo a CT scan. Stacy says she is unsure what treatments lie ahead for her after tomorrow's test, but she is happy everyone came out today to support her as she continues her battle against skin cancer.