Community rallies around newlyweds displaced by fire

The fire at 301 North Lowell Avenue Friday evening.

A fter the happiest day of their lives , newlyweds Adam and Molly Lutwin had to endure a terrible loss. Everything they owned, including their wedding gifts, were destroyed after fire ripped through their flat on North Lowell Avenue in Syracuse. They had to cut their honeymoon short and return to a home in ruins.

T hough they lost everything , the couple is grateful no one was hurt. "It was obviously a shock," Molly told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon, "but everything is replaceable. People aren't replaceable."

Adam Lutwin added, "The fire department did an unbelievable job. I heard they were here in 90 seconds. We're so thankful they weren't hurt."

T he plight of the newlyweds has touched a lot of people in Syracuse. Adam is a teacher at Fowler High School while Molly is a professional Irish dancer who runs dance studios in Syracuse and Rochester.

O n Saturday there will be a fundraiser for the Lutwins at the Blarney Stone pub at 314 Avery Avenue. Conor Murphy and his girlfriend Stephanie Sauda are putting together the fundraiser. Already Murphy says they're overwhelmed with calls from people asking to help Adam and Molly. "They're going to be OK" Murphy said.

F or Adam and Molly Lutwin, they way people are responding to their loss says a lot about the people of Syracuse. "We live in an amazing community and this just proves it. People have been coming up to us that we've never met." Molly said. "It's a testament to the neighborhood and Syracuse as a whole." Adam added.


There's been an outpouring support for a newlywed couple whose Syracuse apartment was destroyed by fire while they were on their honeymoon.

Conor Murphy who is putting together a fundraiser for Adam and Molly Lutwin says the response has been "overwhelming" as dozens of people have already come forward with support and donations. The fundraiser will be held Saturday at the Blarney Stone Tavern beginning at 1:00 p.m. Murphy says he is surprised by the number of people who have offered to help, but he says he is "not surprised" because Adam and Molly are special people.

The Lutwins' apartment at 301 North Lowell Avenue was destroyed by fire on Friday evening. The couple lost everything, including all their wedding gifts.

They have since returned to Syracuse after cutting short their honeymoon.

If you're interested in helping or being part of the fund raising effort, call Steve and Paige Lutwin at 415-2884 or 415-2378.