Community reacts to discovery of infant's body

Levon Wameling's home on Jay Street in Utica

Members of the Utica community, particularly those who live in the Jay Street neighborhood, are upset and disgusted over news of an infant's body discovered on Friday morning in the Mohawk River. Officials have not yet confirmed that it is the body of missing Utica infant Levon Wameling.

"It's devastating," said mom Sara Klimek of New Hartford. "It's just very sad that we in a world where people are killing babies. And the whole thing is just absolutely devastating and heartbreaking."

Cylyna Fellone is friends with Levon's mother, Amy, as well as Levon's Aunt Tiffany. "I was talking to her [Tiffany] on Facebook this afternoon," said Fellone. "And all she could say to me was, 'I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do.'"

Wameling lived on Jay Street in the City of Utica, a neighborhood filled with families and children. "There's a child in every house on this street, and we knew Levon," said Edward Donlon, a father of two young girls. "To happen on this street, it's eerie. It gives you butterflies in your stomach."

One mother said the disappearance of Wameling has convinced her to relocate. "I'm moving my kids," said Shannon Brown. "We're on our way out of this neighborhood. I haven't stayed home in over a month."

Investigators are now waiting on the results of an autopsy to positively determine if the body found is that of Levon Wameling.