Community reacts to SCSD teachers getting their evaluations

Syracuse City School District


all the kicking, passing and running outside at the Corcoran Cougars soccer game, there's plenty of frustration and emotions are running high inside the classrooms in the Syracuse City School District.

Daequan Mulligan is a freshman on the JV soccer team in Corcoran. He has noticed his teachers reacting to their evaluations. "Some of the teachers were down and like, teaching the same stuff over and over again they kinda felt like they couldn't do nothing else," says Mulligan.

Jessica Hodell was at the game cheering on her team alongside her friends. "They talk about that and it's hard to believe that like wow, they're getting graded too? They can't be as a hard as what we have to go through, but it probably is. It's worse than what we have to go through," says Hodell.

On Friday, teachers were given their performance evaluations from the previous school year. 40 percent were rated in the two lowest categories, developing or ineffective. They'll have to create development plans to show how they intend to improve.

Jeremy Grant-Skinner is the Executive Director of Talent Management with the Syracuse City School District. "I think the reactions are mixed, we're hoping that our teachers see our goal in this which is to provide differentiated support to all our teachers to help them get better. That is certainly Syracuse's interest," says Grant-Skinner.

Many of the students value a quality education and they say these evaluations will benefit their education going forward as some teachers work to increase their scores.

Natalie Boyle is a freshman at Corcoran. "We get better teaching because they're trying harder to be better and try to prove their grade if it's a bad or good one," says Boyle.

The district says teachers jobs are still safe for now. They'll have to be ranked ineffective for two consecutive years before they're in danger of being kicked out of the district.