Community reflects after seeing flames flare up in Fulton at Pathfinder Industries

Crews battle the Pathfinder Industries blaze.

The flames are out and the smoke has settled at Pathfinder Industries in Fulton. After seeing the flames pour out of the windows of the building, people who saw the blaze last night were out again today. With the fire fresh in their minds, they wanted to see what remained.

Kelly Wallace lives on the hill looking over the family run business. "First we smelled smoke and then the building around the corner was engulfed in flames," says Wallace.

Anthony Gerard and his family live only blocks away. "

I'd seen flames and I looked out the back door and sure enough there's all the flames and smoke, lots of smoke

," Gerard said.

Vinnie Ruggio was driving down 481 past Mimi's when he saw the smoke. Ruggio is a retired firefighter and knew exactly what to do. "I pulled over and immediately called 911 to report it and I told them there's a structure fire taking place there," says Ruggio.

Carolyn House was walking right up to the fire line when she told me how this community doesn't need any more people out of a job. "I drove by here earlier with a friend and she said, oh not more people out of work. There's a lot of people looking for a job," says House.

In a tight knit community like Fulton, a fire which leaves 25 people without a job sits heavier with many people. This building is viewed as a landmark in Fulton as it has been standing for over 40 years.

Charles Boardway was watching as crews boarded up the windows. He has two friends who have both been working here for more than 35 years. "I

t's a part of Fulton
(it's a) history of Fulton, it's been here for quite a while I know that," said Boardway.

The area has been turned back over to management as it is no longer an active fire scene. It is not known yet what will happen to the structure.