Commuters frustrated with I-690 eastbound closure

Frustration, anger, impatience while sitting in traffic on West Street was not how most of these drivers planned to spend their morning. Frank Lipari knew Route 690 was closing, and says this will be the one and only day he gets stuck in this Syracuse version of Carmageddon.

"I forgot that it started today, so as of Monday I'll be getting on 81 and the Thruway to get home,â?? Lipari says.

I-690 closed for two weeks just after the main morning rush hour ended. 40,000 cars typically cross Downtown Syracuse on Route 690 every day, including Shane Cuffey, who learned about the closure the hard way.

"Itâ??s crazy, it's going to take me over an hour to get to work now,â?? Cuffey says. â??I'm going to be late.â??

But in the midst of a sea of angry commuters trying to squeeze into Downtown Syracuse, there was one person who everyone wanted to be. Levina Momye was moving at her own pace as she walked to work.

"It is a good day to not have a car isn't it? It is a beautiful day,â?? she says.

You heard it over and over again from drivers stuck or making very slow progress: â??I need to find a different way in on Monday.â??