Concerns over gaping hole in Atrium parking garage

Submitted Photo-Atrium Garage

A member of Atrium Associates is assuring people that a parking garage in downtown Syracuse is safe. John Funiciello is responding to concerns over a gaping hole in the Atrium parking garage.

CNY Central was contacted earlier this week by downtown workers who sent us photos of an area in the top deck of the garage that had been cut out by workers several weeks ago. A section of the concrete parking area of about 100 square feet is undergoing repair work where concrete was apparently crumbling and steel reinforcements were rusting.

The garage is located at the intersection of Franklin and Washington Streets next to the Hanley Federal Building in downtown Syracuse.

Though the area has been cordoned off with several cones, a barricade and some yellow tape, you can see through to the floor below. Cars are allowed to park within a few feet of the site.

Funiciello refused a request for an on camera interview and claimed those who contacted CNY Central were "trying to make a big deal over nothing."

Building Manager Dale Delaney told reporter Jim Kenyon that "it's a normal service repair." Delaney says under a permit with the Syracuse Codes Department, the garage has passed visual inspections every three years and structural assessments which are conducted every five years.

Funiciello says the repair to the top deck is being done independently and is not the result of mandated inspections. He points out that Atrium Associates have spent $1.4 million on improvements to the garage over the past five years.

"It's safe, it's secured." Funiciello said.

A spokesperson for Syracuse City Hall says "The major concern is protection over the hole. The City is aware and we monitor the situation to make sure it is not compromised." He added that all certifications and inspections at the Atrium garage are "current."