Congressional candidate John Katko reacts to stolen gun incident

Congressional candidate John Katko is talking about a 14-year-old crime, details about which have recently surfaced.

Katko, a federal prosecutor at the time, says his legally-owned handgun was stolen from his locked car, from a locked briefcase, and was later recovered on a suspect in a double homicide.

Katko says he bought the gun because the U.S. Marshalâ??s Service and the FBI urged him to incorporate their â??recommended total protection packageâ?? into their lives because of threats against him and his family.

Katko says he and his wife were in a meeting when the suspect stole the gun out of his vehicle.

He stresses that a full investigation into the incident was conducted and no wrongdoing was found on his part, and that the gun was not used in the murder.

Katko is now calling out his opponents, saying the story was brought up in an attempt to â??make it an issue in my race for U.S. Congress.â??

â??It is unfortunate that some have chosen to portray me as the bad guy when, in fact, I was the victim of a crime that resulted from my public service as a federal prosecutor to rid our neighborhoods of murderers, rapists, drug traffickers, and violent gangs,â?? Katko says in a statement.