Congressman Maffei says getting to the bottom of Syracuse federal probation's 'absurd' policies is frustrating

Based on what he knows right now, Congressman Dan Maffei (D - Syracuse) says it appears someone or some people at the New York Northern Probation Office in Syracuse should be fired following the murder, rape and carjacking tragedy in Clay.

"It certainly seems like somebody has to pay the price," Maffei said.

Maffei is responding to Michael Benny's exclusive series of interviews with the man who was first on the scene the night Lori Bresnahan was stabbed to death and a 10-year-old girl was raped following a horrific kidnapping and carjacking from Great Northern Mall on March 14, 2013.

Bill Cregg, who was first to call 911 from Verplank Road that night, has been pushing lawmakers at every level to take action. He, like many, is outraged about the series of systemic failures that appear to have taken place when it comes to the suspect, David Renz, 29, of Cicero.

The federal probation office in Syracuse had a policy of ignoring tamper alerts on suspects who were wearing a court mandated GPS tracking device.

The suspect in the Bresnahan case was on pretrial release on child pornography charges and had tampered with his GPS many times. On the night of the carjacking, prosecutors say David Renz had managed to get the device off his body and reassemble it.

"At first this seemed like it must have been an error of the technology, but the more you look into it, the more you realize that this was a human failure at federal probation in Syracuse, and it makes you livid," Maffei said.

Complicating the effort to get answers about the systemic failures in the Renz case, Maffei says it appears there is very little oversight of the federal probation office.

"This wasn't just a matter of finding out what happened, who was in charge, who was the boss at the time. You can't even find that out right now. It boggles the mind," Maffei said.

The Congressman says the probation office does not have an inspector general as many other federal agencies do. That may change based on legislation he's proposing in Lori Bresnahan's memory.

Watch Michael Benny's exclusive series of reports: (Family members of Bresnahan were made aware of this interview.)

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