Congresswoman Buerkle not sure if there will be a vote Sunday on Fiscal Cliff

Congresswoman Anne Marie Buerkle

Central New Yorkâ??s Congresswoman, in an exclusive interview with CNYCentral, says she does not think taxpayers will end up paying more to the federal government, even if we go over the fiscal cliff on Tuesday.

Ann Marie Buerkle tells us that even if this session of congress does not resolve the money crisis, the next can pass legislation and make it retroactive. She says she is opposed to a tax increase for anyone.

Congress goes back into session at 6:30 Saturday evening, and Buerkle is not sure if there will be a vote tonight, or tomorrow, New Yearâ??s Eve. She technically remains in office until Wednesday, with the new session of Congress to be sworn in on Thursday.

Buerkle says the House sent the Senate a money proposal back in August, and she says their not acting on it created the current crisis. She also says that she feels raising taxes, or more government spending, will not solve the long-term money problem, that the Federal government needs to look at significant spending cuts instead, to fix the countryâ??s money problems.

Click the video for the full interview, which aired live on Saturday morningâ??s Weekend Today in Central NY.