Construction could build new life for crumbling buildings in Eastwood

There could soon be new life for an old crumbling building in Syracuse's Eastwood neighborhood.

For the past few days, construction crews have been working on the old Steak and Sundae building on the corner of Midler Avenue and James Street.

CNY Central has learned the city planning commission has approved most of the plans for the site. The developer has long wanted to transform the old building into new space for new businesses. It appears crews were working on the roof on Friday.

People who live nearby say they are hoping this is a sign of progress for the neighborhood. "I'm happy to see it go if they do something good with it," said Maxine Williams who lives in Eastwood. "They could do a lot of things with this building."

"I hope they build something that looks decent," said Aaron Wheeler who lives in Eastwood. "Right now it looks bad."

A few blocks down the street, the plot of land next to the Walgreens on James Street is also under construction. A sign posted on the fence says it will be completed retail space in the fall.

"I'm hoping they are going to open up new businesses and new jobs for people," said Flora Azemi.

What do you think of the construction in Eastwood?