Construction of watchfire is complete

Crews came in today to build the watchfire.


t's a tradition every Memorial Day here in Syracuse and every year, thousands come to the Fairgrounds to watch American flags burn. The ceremony is actually a way to honor those who have fought to defend the red white and blue, of the past and present.

For more than 20 years, the Syracuse community has been remembering those who have served and given their lives so that we can continue our way of life. On Friday, construction started on the Memorial Day watchfire at the Veterans Memorial Watchfire Park.

Crews came in to load wooden pallets and logs ahead of Sunday night's fire. At dusk, the community will come together to reflect with their families on our servicemen and women who have fought for our freedom.

Lighting a watchfire started in the military after a battle or march so missing soldiers could be reunited with their troops. This is a way for people to come together and honor those who have served our country.

Dan Diflorio is a member of the group who puts the watchfire together. "This watchfire is a welcome home for all veterans who who have served in war and all their families to come home and have a nice peaceful reunion," says Diflorio.

People were already bringing their flags which are no longer useable to be prepared for retirement. A group of local Vietnam veterans will be on hand Sunday night to give the community a chance to properly burn any worn or tattered flags.