Contract talks between Onondaga Co. and Union stalled

The largest union of Onondaga County employees has rejected the Countyâ??s counterproposal for immediate wage growth after 12 months of stalled negotiations.

CSEA Local 834 called the stalled negotiations "an example of the County leadership's misplaced priorities."

The County stated in a press release that Union negotiators presented a wage only package with the offer to â??take it or leave it.â??

The County counterproposal contained wage increases for unit members with some concessions in health care insurance contributions beginning in 2015. The counterproposal also contained a few other minor contract changes.

"We're concerned that our County leadership fails to fairly value the contributions of our county workers," Local said 834 President Kathy Zabinski. "Our County workers are doing more with less everyday and are dedicated to serving the needs of our residents, businesses and communities."

â??The reality is that county taxpayers cannot continue to pay for raise at this pace,â?? said County Executive Joanie Mahoney in the press release. â??It is my hope that CSEA will return to the bargaining table and act in good faith as we try and work out a solution which respects county employees for their hard work while also respecting the county taxpayers who pay their wages.â??

CSEA says it has been trying to reach an agreement with the county since last January. The previous contract expired on December 31, 2012.

CSEA represents 2,225 county workers including: County Parks, DOT, Library, Health Dept., Dept. of Social Services, Water Environment Protection, Corrections, Probation and various other departments.

Following Tuesdayâ??s failed negotiations, the County has said it will be filing improper practice charges against the union for what the County believes was unlawful conduct to the New York State Public Employment Relations Board.