Controversial website greeted by disgust from some Cornell students

The website started on August 12th and now, as Cornell students are coming back for the Fall semester, many are starting to take notice of this new website.

While the founder has remained anonymous, many say it is the sororities that have created this website. With the rush season approaching, students say they feel the sororities wants to make themselves seem superior by gaining the most votes.

The site pairs two girls from across campus, side by side, and you can select which one you think is the most attractive.

Many students tell CNY Central they think the site is repulsive and disgusting.

Sarah Relow is in Greek life along with her friend, Christina Wong. "They think it's a social experiment and that it's funny. They like all the backlash which is just sick and twisted," says Relow. "The fact they make it like a competition for which girls is the prettiest based on your picture is kind of disgusting," says Wong.

Laura Michelson is a sophomore and was sitting outside during her first week of classes. "Who in their right mind would create such a thing? It's inappropriate, you're invading people's privacy," says Michelson.

Sam Kaplan is a sophomore fraternity brother at Cornell. "I can definitely see it being made by the girls. It's also definitely not... It seems rigged. Like it seems like not honest... Inflated on how many people are doing it," says Kaplan.