Convicted child sex abuser Ray Younis quietly transferred to psychiatric facility in Marcy

Ray Younis

Ray Younis, the Oswego County man considered to be the most notorious child molester in local history, has been quietly transferred to the Central New York Psychiatric Center in Marcy.

Originally, Younis was scheduled to be released from prison after serving 16 years of a 20 years sentence for pleading guilty to 86 counts of child sex abuse involving 17 boys in and around the Village of Phoenix.

Oswego County District Attorney Greg Oakes pushed for Younis to be transferred to a mental health facility, instead of being released. Earlier this month, Younisâ?? release was delayed, and we now know he was, in fact, sent to the CNYPC in Marcy. The State Attorney General's Office is apparently trying to have Younis civilly committed to the secure psychiatric facility on the basis he's still considered a danger to children. The AG's office says it can not comment on what's behind the decision to move Younis to Marcy because of confidentiality laws.

The CNYPC is a maximum-security facility that serves about 8,500 inmate patients. Younisâ?? transfer record on the State Criminal Justice website does not say how long he will be at the CNYPC.

Mary Felasco, the former prosecutor who put Younis behind bars says, "This is what a civil committment law was drafted to accomplish for someone such as Ray Younis."

Felasco says Younis videotaped many of his sexual assaults on young boys. She says, "The things I reviewed, the photographs, the videos were probably the most horrific things that I have ever seen in my career as a prosecutor or a lawyer...It horrifies me that an individual such as that would have an opportunity to be close to a child again."

Younis' former attorney, Sal Lanza, who defended him in 1998 also has harsh words for his ex client. "This is a dangerous man. He deserves to be locked up. He deserves never to be released to society." Lanza told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon. Lanza added, "That case took a toll on me and now that he's served his time, he deserves to be civilly committed somewhere and never to be released... he's a predator, I know."