Cooler weather brings with it the first peeks of fall colors in New York

The first reds and golds join the green throughout the area.

In one of the first signs summer is at an end, the leaves have started to change. Many New Yorkers know this is the change that comes about two months before that white stuff starts to fly, but people from all over the country flock to the Northeast for some â??leaf-peepingâ??.

The reds and golds have just started to break through the green canvas in Central New York (if you havenâ??t been on Route 298 north toward Bridgeport, check it out), but other parts of the state are seeing some significant foliage changes.

State tourism officials say trees in parts of the Adirondacks have begun to turn, with as much as 15 percent foliage-color change by this weekend. For instance, officials expect about 15 percent color change in elevations above 2,000 feet in Warren County, including the Upper Hudson River Gorge, Blue Mountain, North Creek and Newcomb.

So if you want to take a drive on this nice, crisp late-summer weekend, heading north may be a colorful experience.

What is your favorite part of autumn in Central New York?