Corcoran high school student suspended

Police say, just after 9:15 Monday morning, a fight broke out between four girls in the women's bathroom at Corcoran High School in Syracuse. Two hall monitors rushed to break up the fight and called for Syracuse Police Officer, Paul Rose, to help. Rose entered the bathroom, and that's when 16-year-old, Shakayla Rush charged at him. Syracuse Police Sergeant Tom Connellan says, "She pulled out a knife. A 10-inch steak knife that we believe she brought from home. At that point, she raised the knife over her head and charged the officer."

Police say a fast-acting Officer Rose grabbed Shakayla Rush's arm and pinned it up against the wall, forcing her to drop the knife. The officer suffered cuts to his hand from the weapon.

Corcoran High School has a history of fighting between students. Rose is a uniformed officer assigned to patrolling the halls full time. Sergeant Connellan says, "Just to think of any citizen doing that to a uniformed police officer is a brazen act, but to know this happened in a school where the girl carried a weapon is more shocking to us."

Shakayla Rush is suspended from Corcoran High School for five days, pending a Superintendent's hearing. Syracuse City police charged the 16-year-old with criminal possession of a weapon and menacing a police officer.