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      Cornell fraternity suspended amid 'serious' hazing allegations

      Cornell University announced that the Chi Psi fraternity has been suspended for allegations of hazing.

      The announcement was made on the school??s website, saying that the fraternity is on interim suspension because of ??credible allegations of serious hazing?? that happened in this year??s spring semester.

      An Interim suspension means that the Chi Psi fraternity ??may not engage in any activities other that operation of its residence??.

      This is an excerpt of the severity of the allegations from the website: ??Interim suspension is used when a credible report is made indicating the actions of a chapter pose an immediate or imminent threat to students' health, or that members' actions are so egregious that the university is compelled to cease activities of the organization for the safety of the members, those joining or guests.??

      In June of last year, Chi Psi was placed on provisional recognition status for no less than four calendar years for ??incidents involving physical and psychological forms of hazing??.

      The Cornell men??s lacrosse team was placed on a temporary suspension last year following a hazing investigation.