Cornell releases hazing details

The Cornell menâ??s lacrosse team was placed on temporary suspension following an investigation into a hazing incident, according to Andy Noel, the Meakem Smith Director of Athletics and Physical Education.

According to Cornell University, on September 12, the Department of Athletics and Physical Education received information that the newest players were being hazed by other teammates.

In a report published on the Cornell website,â??The investigation revealed the presence of a culture within this group of treating new members as less than equals.â?? Freshman players had to "perform menial tasks... and were expected to spend a large amount of time with the other members in both lacrosse-related and social situations planned by upperclass members of the team."

At one social event, upperclass teammates organized a "keg race" where underage freshmen players were challenged to drink a large amount of beer in a competition against each other. The freshmen were also tied together in a circle and some even threw up.


Cornell Chronicle reports

that all fall lacrosse matches were canceled after the school investigated the hazing claims.

The team will be allowed to train and practice, per Cornellâ??s sanction guidelines.

Cornell University says that the team will participate in anti-hazing education programs and workshops and those negatively affected by the hazing incidents will be provided support.