Cornell student tries to get students to â??unplugâ??

A Cornell University sophomore is getting creative when it comes to a social experiment. He's trying to convince other students to unplug their electronic devices for three days.

More than 100 students at Cornell are taking on a challenge most couldn't conquer, ignoring their cell phones for three days. "This isn't anti-technology its just a re-evaluation so we can start using technology more for us instead of against us. And being more intentional about it," said Rudy Gerson, who's organizing the effort.

As a social experiment, Gerson came up with the CU-Disconnect, hoping to encourage students to re-evaluate their relationships with technology and each other. So far, 135 students have taken the pledge, vowing to log off social media accounts and put down their cell phones through Friday.

The purpose of the project is to get students to disconnect, but it also encourages them to connect with each other sponsoring all kinds of free events like movies and BBQ. The challenge takes planning and commitment, something Gerson has noticed just a few hours into the experiment. "I'm meeting my friend for lunch at 2:30 and I don't have my phone. So if I'm 10 minutes late and he calls me or texts me and I don't answer, that's going to be a huge breach of trust and commitment," Gerson said.

But leading up to the challenge, Gerson used technology more than he ever has before. "It's been really ironic that I've had to connect so much to disconnect so thatâ??s been a frustration," he said.

The relationship between a person and their cell phone appears to be bittersweet.