Cortaca Commission releases report on 2013 Cortaca riots

Student jumps off roof during Cortaca street party.

The College and Community Commission released its final report Thursday on the issues surrounding the Cortaca riots that happened after 2013â??s Cortaca football game.

Members of the commission looked at the causes and possible solutions to the problem, and came up with nine general recommendations for SUNY Cortland officials to consider moving forward.

The report focuses on the culture around the weekend, saying there are â??two different Cortacas, the game and the alcohol-fueled weekend.â?? They also pointed to social media as a driving factor in the riots.

Among the recommendations, the commission said the school should partner with local taverns to help curb bad behavior before it starts, and to use less-aggressive marketing techniques. The other methods were mostly centered on communicating with students leading up to the weekend to make them more aware of the potential legal problems, as well as the risks involved in dangerous behavior.

You can read the full report here.