Cortland neighbors ask Facebook to remove insulting page

After a friend told Casey Simmons about the "Cortland's Finest" Facebook page, she couldn't believe what she saw. The page had pictures and posts that insulted or ridiculed people and neighborhoods around Cortland. While it may have been intended as a joke -Simmons says it's bullying, plain and simple.

"I guess I just don't understand why they have to take time out of their life to ridicule other people," said Simmons, who will study early childhood education at SUNY Cortland this fall.

Angel Sutton saw a picture of her Cortland home posted on the page last night with a caption comparing it to a circus. Sutton says she and her husband work hard to take care of their family - and she doesn't understand why anyone would want to attack them.

"It makes me wonder if they've been bullied or if it's retaliation but it's very sad and for you to put anybody's family that you don't even know on a page like this - it's very hurtful," said Angel Sutton.

Even those who disapprove of the Cortland's Finest Facebook page are drawing attention to it, hoping to expose what they see as bullying and harassment.

Sutton and others have reported the page to Facebook as harassment and a violation of their policies. Others from Cortland have been posting comments on the page asking the person who made the page to keep their insults to themselves.

"They ought to be completely ashamed of themselves for one. That's awful if it was completely reversed and it was their pictures being posted on Facebook, would it be OK then?" asked Victoria Sutton.

The Facebook page disappeared Thursday night before reappearing under a new name on Friday morning. The renamed page appeared to be gone on Friday afternoon.