Cortland PD: 'Suspicious man' pulling people over was actually a cop

MGN Online

Cortland Police say the man who was the subject of a suspicious person alert was actually a police officer.

On Thursday, officers warned the public to be on the lookout for the man after the vehicle was reported as suspicious.

Police say they received a complaint Wednesday night from a woman who said she was pulled over on Route 281 near Saint Mary's Cemetery by a small vehicle with red and white flashing lights. The woman told police a white man in his mid 30's approached her vehicle and spoke to her about her muffler.

The woman told police she didn't think the man was a police officer, and Cortland Police say no local agency had performed a traffic stop in that area at that time.

After investigating the incident, Cortland Police say the man is actually a member of law enforcement, but would not specify from what agency. The man allegedly pulled over the woman for having a loud and inadequate muffler, but let her go with a warning.

However, officers are reminding the public if they are being stopped while traveling alone at night, they should find a well lit, safe public area to pull over.

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