Could door-to-door mail delivery end?

Door-to-door mail delivery could be a thing of the past if House Republicans get their way.

It's part of a proposal to overhaul the financially troubled U.S. Postal Service which posted a loss of $16 billion last year. Under the plan, many urban residents would pick up their mail from clusters of mail boxes located in their neighborhood.

Most apartment complexes and new communities already adopt this form of mail delivery. But the bill would require everyone to get mail from a curbside mailboxes or cluster boxes.

Ending door-to-door delivery would save the cash-strapped postal service about $4.5 billion a year. But unions say it's a bad idea and will be disruptive for the elderly and disabled.

In Syracuse, most residents receive their mail at their doorstep. Alonzo Senior feels it's an attempt to get rid of the neighborhood mail carrier. "I think it's horrible that they would do that, to put people out of work. The mailmen have been doing such a great job," says Senior.

Yolanda Richardson says eliminating door to door mail delivery would affect the elderly and disabled. "Who wants to walk to get their mail from the curb? It might sound frivolous but some people can't take the steps to get their mail."

(Information from CNN was used in this report.)

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