Councilor and Miner administration square off over tax delinquent property


dispute is brewing between
Mayor Stephanie Miner's administration and the Syracuse Common Council over how to deal with tax delinquent landlords.


hief of
Staff Bill Ryan accuses the lawmakers, in particular Councilor Kathleen Joy, of delaying a city tax foreclosure on a home on Hier Avenue to enable a landlord to profit off the sale of his tax delinquent property.



e have another branch of government that seems to be enabling bad landlord investors

and people who don't pay their taxes at a minimum, to beat the system."

Councilor Joy told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon that she was simply helping a constituent. "I'm looking at it in terms of giving someone an opportunity to buy (and) to have the City of Syracuse have a property that is now tax paying. That's the goal here."

The former landlord of the property on Hier Avenue, Daniel McMahon was not available for comment. He told the Syracuse Media Group that he intended to use the proceeds from the sale of the property to pay off some of the back taxes on other properties he owns.


oy and the administration are also at odds over
City Hall's intent to restrict the sale of tax seized properties in the Land Bank to owner occupants. Joy says that is illegal.