Councilor calls for police to turn over Bernie Fine records

Syracuse Common Councilor Ryan McMahon is calling upon the Syracuse Police Department to turn over its records on the Bernie Fine investigation to the District Attorney's office. CNY Central's Jim Kenyon spoke with McMahon on the day before the D.A. and representatives of the City of Syracuse appear before State Supreme Court Judge James Murphy.

McMahon says the feud between the police, the D.A. and Mayor Stephanie Miner has turned into a "national embarassment." McMahon, who sits on the Council's Public Safety Committee, sides with District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick who has subpoenaed the police records from its 2002 investigation. Fine's chief accuser, Bobby Davis claimed he called Syracuse Police in 2002 to complain that the former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach had sexually molested him back in the mid-80's. Davis says he was told police could do nothing because of the statute of limitations.

Last week, Judge Murphy issued a subpoena at the D.A.'s request, but the police and Mayor Stephanie Miner are reportedly trying to quash it.

McMahon says he has a personal stake in the dispute because his family established the McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center which he says should be nationally recognized for helping victims of child abuse. Instead he says the nation is focused on the battle between the D.A., the police and city hall.

A spokesman for Mayor Stephanie Miner says she "stands by Chief Frank Fowler" and the statement she issued last week which said the information will be shared with the authorities, "at the appropriate time." Miner's statement also accused District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick "histrionics and grandstanding."

On Wednesday, Fitzpatrick accused Chief Fowler of "intentionally trying to sabatage" the Grand Jury investigation into the allegations against Bernie Fine.

On Sunday, Chancellor Nancy Cantor fired Bernie Fine after a third alleged victim came forward. ESPN also aired a 2002 taped phone conversation between Davis and Fine's wife, Laurie which implied she had knowledge of the alleged abuse.