Councilor proposes one year ban on Cortaca Jug after rowdy crowds

Tim Gerhard is Chair of the Modern Languages Department at SUNY Cortland. On Saturday, he watched partying erupt outside his home near Clayton Avenue.

"I was totally humiliated by the events around Cortaca Jug 2013 this year," said Gerhard.

His wife, Katy Silliman, is a Cortland City Councilor proposing a one-year ban on Cortaca at Tuesday's 7 p.m. council meeting.

"Create an action plan and make concrete steps to see that it doesn't happen again," said Silliman. "And then have the next game in 2015 and then review after the game."

One neighbor started a petition to spur action in the wake of Saturday's extreme partying.

Silliman said the partying caused fear among neighbors. "There were some people living up here who were afraid to leave their homes," she said. "And that is...I can't even tell you how wrong that is."

Both Gerhard and Silliman were startled by the partiers' behavior. "It was incredible how aggressive the students were, how disrespectful the students were of the residents and of the local police trying to control the situation."

"This kind of behavior becomes a wedge between town and gown, and I don't want that," said Silliman.