Counter-terrorism expert talks violent streak abroad

Terror attacks are plaguing the European continent and Britain.

SYRACUSE, N.Y.---A day after terror tore through the heart of London yet again, terrorism experts here at home say it's a reminder that this fight is far from over.

Corri Zoli, a counter-terrorism expert at Syracuse University says while the U.S. remains a target, it's more frequent overseas.

"We've had attacks, of course, Orlando for instance, San Bernadino, others. But we haven't had the kind of proliferating attacks that Europe and Britain have had," Zoli explained.

Zoli says there are a few reasons why we don't have them as frequently here in the U.S.

Police here have a better handle on terror threats compared to Europe and the U.K.

"Law enforcement has been on it's back foot instead of really leaning in to this issue," said Zoli, "I think it has to do with the present government and the last government reducing the size of law enforcement significantly, which is a huge mistake in the current climate."

It's also a matter of geography.

"We have an ocean on either side of protecting us so we have a kind of luck of geography that helps with our security that other European nations do not have," explained Zoli.

Zoli says overseas there's a lack of sharing information about known radicals or terrorist groups.

"A particular individual is considered radicalized, that information doesn't go to Brussels or Paris or London and it needs to," urged Zoli.

While those challenges exist she says the U.S. is working with governments abroad to beef up terror prevention.

"Pushing intelligence sharing and offering intelligence and using our tools to help Britain especially the content also Europe and trying to get ahead of some of these cases," said Zoli.

All so those countries can work to stop the next violent streak.

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