Country Jam gives out free tickets Friday to flood victims

More than 60 people came Friday night to get their free tickets into Country Jam.

New York Country Jam is typically a fun summer concert for country music fans from across the country.

Daniel Aiken was out at this Jam with his girlfriend from DeRuyter. "I can make a connection from home and I just love it out here, I can make a connection, just connect. You know, take a back road," says Aiken.

Taylor Marrs was another who was out with the more than 200 listening to country music. "I've grown up with country music my whole and I ended up getting the tickets as a birthday present," says Marrs.

For many, they were able to get tickets Friday night to see Las Vegas tribute bands like Garth Brooks and Faith Hill cover bands, even if it wasn't their birthday.


rganizers at country jam were giving out free tickets to those who were impacted by the recent flooding. A gesture that many say is greatly appreciated.

Frances and her sister Sarah Lawton were among those who were able to receive free tickets tonight to this concert.

"At least you have some kind of entertainment that you can come out and see and have a good time and not think about the stress at home and the problems that they're facing right now. Just to come out and have a good time. I think that's great," says Frances Lawton."

Sarah works in Oneida City Schools. While her home in Chittenango was;t impacted by flooding, she realizes what a treat this is for the more than 60 flood victims who were here for free tonight.

"Everyone can come and take their mind off of cleaning out the garbage and cleaning things up afterwards -- and just relax and enjoy some good music good times with people all around them who are supporting them through this," says Sarah Lawton.

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