County plans to celebrate Coach Boeheim's 1,000th win

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- On Saturday, Syracuse University men's basketball team defeated the Virginia Cavaliers at the Carrier Dome for Coach Jim Boeheim's unofficial 1,000th win.

The NCAA won't recognize this milestone, because they stripped him of 101 wins as punishment for program violations.

Even though the NCAA won't celebrate, somebody else will.

For decades there has been one constant sight on the SU hill, when the orange hit the hardwood they've been lead by Jim Boeheim

"It is unheard of in this business to get that kind of loyalty and it's important to me because I am fortunate enough to be in this moment of time to let him know how important he is. We're not gonna let this milestone go by without some overdue recognition," County Executive Joanie Mahoney said.

That milestone Mahoney is referring to is 1,000 wins for Jim Boeheim. Coach Boeheim spent his entire career at Syracuse and is the only coach in the history of the sport to win all 1000 games with one program.

The NCAA however won't recognize that win as Boeheim's 1,000th, due to sanctions handed down in 2015 which took away more than 100 wins from Boeheim's record.

"The punishment in this case far outweighed the crime," Mahoney explained.

County Executive Joanie Mahoney said, “Coach Boeheim put Syracuse on the national map. We are incredibly grateful to have Coach Boeheim as part of our community and for all his effort to make Syracuse a great place to live. On behalf of the entire community, congratulations Coach and thank you for all you do. You make winter a lot more fun!"

Mahoney, a Syracuse graduate, also said she is planning a celebration at this years first day of The Taste of Syracuse.

"With Galaxy Communications we are working with Galaxy which is used that event on a sports teams in the past to have a community celebration of coach Jim Boeheim," Mahoney said.

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