County says no gas found in Aurelius water

The Cayuga County Health Department told CNY Central that laboratory results from the six sampled residential water wells in Aurelius showed no traces of gasoline or its components.

Wells in the area will continue to be tested until at least next week.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Buckeye

Pipeline and the Cayuga County Health Department will determine a plan for long-term sampling.

Earlier this week, the Cayuga County Health Department was concerned that some gasoline from the leak at the intersection of Turnpike Road and Townsend Road could have gotten into well water.

While the samples have showed no contamination, the Health Department is advising residents who are concerned about their water, to use bottled water instead.

The Health Department advises residents in the area that if well water has a sheen, odor or taste of gasoline to avoid drinking or using the water.

If you are concerned about your water, you are asked to contact the Cayuga County Health Department at 315-253-1405.