County's most wanted captured in W. Va.

Gary LaTray

He's been on the run for nine months, until now. The number one man on Onondaga County's list of most wanted criminals is now behind bars.

51-year-old Gary LaTray was picked up by West Virginia State Police Wednesday night, found living with a woman in Upshur County. She apparently became suspicious of LaTray, found out he was a wanted fugitive, and called police.

LaTray was behind Onondaga County's biggest heist in history and served 18 years in prison for a nearly $3 million armored car robbery. "I remember the case," said Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh. "It was big news locally. We're talking robbery of $2.9 million. It was headline news."

LaTray is probably the most well known on the most wanted list and Sheriff Walsh says he's glad LaTray is finally off the streets. "I was pleased," Sheriff Walsh said. "He's somebody that we knew was out of the area. He's someone who we were convinced was a danger to be on the loose and we were very pleased to see that he was arrested."

When he got out of prison a few years ago, LaTray went to work for the Franciscan Ministries in Syracuse performing maintenance jobs. But he didn't show up for work one day, and then seemingly vanished. Brother Edward Falsey is relieved to hear LaTray's run from the law is over, but doesn't think he was ever a danger to the public. "It's not his intention to hurt people, physically endanger people or hurt people. He's just running amuck in his addiction, alcohol and cocaine," Brother Falsey said.

LaTray is currently being held as a fugitive from justice at the Tygart Valley Regional Jail in Randolph County. He is suspected of several bank robberies in four states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and Virginia. He is wanted in Onondaga County on federal probation violations, but since he's facing charges elsewhere it is still not clear where he'll stand trial first.

"It's gonna be a long time. If he gets out again, he'll be very old," Brother Falsey said.

So far, four people on Onondaga County's most wanted list are behind bars. There are six more out there still at large. Click here to see who the other fugitives are.

Original Story:

The man who is the number one fugitive on Onondaga County's Ten Most Wanted list is now in police custody.

Gary LaTray was arrested in Buckhannon, West Virginia Wednesday night after the U.S. Marshal Service received a tip he was hiding out there. The Marshals say he was picked up without incident by West Virginia State Police at a residence of a woman. He is currently being held as a fugitive from justice.

LaTray was wanted for a string of robberies of stores and banks in four states. At this point Chris Amoia of the Syracuse-based U.S. Marshal's office says LaTray is bring charged with a bank robbery in Virginia and is expected to be extradited for that crime. He says law enforcement from the several states where his alleged crime spree took place will have to further discuss how to proceed in those cases.

LaTray is best know for being one of the men who stole three million dollars in an armored car heist in Onondaga County more than 20 years ago. When he was released after serving 18 years in prison, LaTray seemed ready to go straight. For two years LaTray worked at the Franciscan Ministries on North Salina Street doing simple groundskeeping and building maintenance. It wasn't until last spring that Brother Edward Falsey, who supervised LaTray, says he suspected LaTray fell back into drug abuse. Not long after that, he vanished completely.