County's most wanted man headed to CNY

Gary LaTray

Convicted bank robber Gary "Skip" LaTray is on his way back to New York State for criminal prosecution.

LaTray had a brief hearing in Federal Court in Clarksburg, West Virginia on Wednesday where he waived his rights to a detention hearing and an identity hearing. He was in court after being picked up for violating his supervised release after serving time for the 1989 armored car company heist of $2.9 million, which was the largest theft of money from banks in Onondaga County history.

After the hearing in Clarksburg, LaTray was committed to the U.S. Marshal's Service custody to be returned to Syracuse and the federal jurisdiction of the Northern District of New York. It is now yet known when he will make the trip here. Sheriff Kevin Walsh was just learning of the development this afternoon when he said simply, "That's interesting." Walsh pointed out LaTray could face charges in several other states.

LaTray was number one on Onondaga County's 2010 Ten Most Wanted list before being arrested last week by West Virginia State Police. At the time of LaTray's arrest Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh said he was glad LaTray is off the streets. "I was pleased," Sheriff Walsh said. "He's somebody that we knew was out of the area. He's someone who we were convinced was a danger to be on the loose and we were very pleased to see that he was arrested."

When he got out of prison a few years ago, LaTray went to work for the Franciscan Ministries in Syracuse performing maintenance jobs. But, he didn't show up for work one day, and then seemingly vanished.

LaTray is being held as a fugitive from justice at the Tygart Valley Regional Jail in Randolph County. He is suspected of several bank robberies in four states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and Virginia.