Couple accused of making meth after explosion in a garbage truck

Jamie Murphy

An explosion in a garbage truck led to the arrest of a couple from Waterloo, accused of making methamphetamine at a home where three children also lived.

Jamie Murphy, 37, and Rachelle Murphy, 32, are both charged with Unlawful Manufacture of Methamphetamine. Each also faces three counts of Unlawfully Dealing With a Child.

It all started when Waterloo's Department of Public Works told the Seneca County Sheriff's Office that garbage that was collected at an address on Thurber Drive had exploded in the back of one of the DPW's trucks.

Deputies say this prompted investigators to go to the Murphy's home on Thurber Drive. There, they found numerous items associated with making methamphetamine.

Jamie and Rachelle Murphy were sent to the Seneca County jail on $5,000 and $2,500 bail respectively. They are both due to return to Waterloo Village Court on Monday at 10 a.m.

The couple was also ordered to stay away from the children.