Couples build health and love through exercise

When they aren't working side by side at Fleet Feet Sports, Fred and Shelby Joslyn can be found running side by side around East Syracuse.

Shelby Joslyn says working out together is something that can help any marriage.

"If you guys can both find something you both love it will help you stick it out longer and enjoy it more," she says.

Nationwide, couples fitness is a growing trend. A study by the University of Indiana found more than thirty percent of couples who worked out together were more likely to stick to their routine.

Fred Joslyn says that him and his wife, their routine involves running together several times a week.

"You can put your running shoes on and not only get a workout in but enjoy some time together and you kind of find that those are the moments that end up being valuable," he says.

Ed and Ellen Griffin have been snowshoeing together for years. Ellen Griffin snowshoeing is not only a great low impact exercise that burns twice as many calories as walking, it's also good for their marriage too.

"It's a great way to spend time together, it's a great way to talk if one of you falls down you laugh pick the other person up not so much different from what you have to do in your relationship," she says.