Court papers detail charges against DeWitt chiropractor

Eli Guterman

Tuesday afternoon CNYcentral obtained the court papers detailing the charges against a Fayetteville chiropractor.

Doctor Eli Guterman, 30, is

accused of sexually abusing four women

, all under the age of 30.

According to the court documents, a 23-year-old witness says she was hired as a receptionist in June 2011. She told police Guterman would frequently give her long hugs. She accuses him of trying to pull down her pants on several occasions and one time forcibly grabbing the top of one of her breasts.

A 22-year-old licensed therapist says she also interviewed for a job with Guterman this year. As part of the interview, the woman says she was asked to massage him and he would massage her, sometimes touching her breasts and groin area.

Another 25-year-old woman who was hired as a receptionist claims Guterman would give her long, intimate hugs at work. She also says at least five times he would put his hand on her upper back and put her in compromising positions while claiming it was a joke.

The fourth victim, a 29-year-old massage therapist, says she was harassed when applying for a job. She says she was asked to massage him and he would massage her. The woman also says Guterman asked her to get nude and touched her breasts.

Guterman was released on his own recognizance and is due back in Dewitt Town Court on January 22nd, 2013. Detectives are trying to determine if there are other victims. Anyone with information should contact the abused persons unit at 435-3092.

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