Crews fighting fire in North Syracuse

Fire crews battled intense flames and unexpected challenges Tuesday night in North Syracuse.

North Syracuse Fire Chief Pat Brennan says he had to pull crews out of the home because there was live ammunition inside being triggered by the fire. You could hear the popping noise outside as the ammunition went off.

"To make matters worse we knew there were handguns in the house, that were loaded, and in the vicinity of the fire. You folks heard it out here, the ammunition going off, so that was a hazard we had to deal with," said North Syracuse Fire Chief Pat Brennan.

Fire crews had to quickly get out of the home and attack the fire from outside. Neighbors looked on as firefighters battled the blaze on Wells Avenue East.

Crews used ladders and trucks to get above the home, spraying the house with a thousand gallons of water a minute to knock down the powerful flames.

"I got a call from someone I work with saying there is a fire on my street," said Shelly Coats who lives nearby. "I was worried you know is it my house?"

Unusual warm March temperatures also a challenge for firefighters. Crews were working taking turns and working in shifts.

"We get their vitals checked, get them re-hydrated and ready to go back in," said Chief Brennan. "Because of this hot weather this is the protocol we have in place. It's all about firefighter safety."

The fire chief says the home was cluttered, which also made it difficult for crews to get around inside.

The call came in around 4:30 for a residential fire on Wells Avenue East, just off route 11. Officials say the fire started on the first floor of the home and quickly spread to the second level. But they are still investigating a cause.