Crews in Ithaca prepare for warm weather after days of flooding

Crews in Ithaca spray treated water into the Cascadilla Creek to break up ice jams that could cause further flooding when temperatures rise this weekend.

The City of Ithaca is monitoring water levels and preparing for the potential of more flooding this weekend as temperatures rise.

The City received permission from the DEC to spray treated waste water onto an area where the most sever ice jam has formed on Cascadilla Creek. The Tompkins County Health Department says the water being used has been treated and provides no health risk. The 50 degree water was going to be put into the lake anyway, and is now being used to try to help break up ice.

"This water is typically put in the lake after it is treated so we are just a little down stream from that. Hopefully we are making a good use out of something we were already producing," said Tompkins County Public Health director Frank Kruppa.

DPW crews with excavators continue to break up ice from other area creeks and rivers hoping, hoping to to prevent ice jams if temps go into the fifties on Saturday. Kevin Sutherland from the Ithaca mayor's office said dedicated crews have been working around the clock to break up the ice jams and monitor conditions.

"It is supposed to warm up on Saturday, from what I hear a high around 50, so with that ice melting and shifting downward, we're worried about it piling together at one location," said Sutherland.