Criminal Mischief Alert in Erie Village

Manlius Police are investigating vandalism in Erie Village

Manlius Police are asking for the public's help as they investigate ongoing criminal mischief in Erie Village. In the latest incident, last Wednesday evening, signs within the development were defaced and personal property was damaged.

"It's disheartening to some of the people here. There were ethnic slurs on them (the signs)," said Tom Callender who lives in the neighborhood. "It's just vandalism. Some porch furniture out on the ice, which is awfully dangerous."

The Homeowners Association sent out a mass email to residents alerting them of the problem. "It's the first time we had an occasion where we had to try the system. We are asking the residents to keep your eyes open. And if they do see something that happens and they notify police right away, as its happening, we have a better chance of police aprehending the individuals responsible for this," said Homeowners Association President Richard Sparrow.

Investigators say criminal mischief has been a recurring problem in the development, off North Burdick Street near Bowman Road, so Manlius Police ask anyone with information on these crimes get in touch at 682-2212.