Critical need for organ donors

This is organ and tissue donation awareness month, and the people involved in organ transplants are working to get the word out that the technology is there, but the organs are not: thousands are on waiting lists for a life-saving transplant. Of those waiting, a full two thirds need kidneys. Rich Padula, from the Finger Lakes Donor and Recovery Network, says it's hard to convince people--or their loved ones--to donate at the critical time of death, and it makes sense to have a conversation with family, or sign consent forms, beforehand.He points out that one donor can help up to 80 people, and especially for those who lose loved ones to violence or trauma, the donation of organs can help with healing. Drivers' license checkoffs and health care proxies are valid consent forms in NY, or you can go to the donor registry life to sign up. Padula says he'd like to ask all potential donors how they'd feel if they were waiting, instead of being in the position to give.