Crocs shoe store opening at Destiny USA this summer

Crocs shoes

Destiny USA announced that a Crocs shoe store will open at the mall this summer.

Crocs will be located on the second level of the expansion area, next to TJMaxx. The store will be more than 2,200 square-feet.

Crocs, which began as boating shoes, have become a nation-wide trend, Destiny USA says. The company also donates shoes to children and families in need.

"Guests can do their share of walking here at Destiny USA so Crocs is a great addition," Rob Schoeneck, General Manager of Destiny USA, stated. "Theyâ??re great for your feet and have a unique style as a brand."

Crocs will be located on the second level next to TJMaxx and will take more than 2,200 square feet.