Crouse Hospital in Syracuse cuts nearly 100 positions in last month

Syracuse's Crouse Hospital told 47 people they were losing their jobs Thursday morning. The job cuts were part of a reduction of 70 positions total, 23 of them were already vacant. These were union positions include nursing, nursing support and non-nursing jobs.

Just last month, the facility targeted management jobs for a reduction of 25 positions.

In an inter-office communication, Crouse CEO Dr. Paul Kronenberg wrote, "During my employee meetings I acknowledged the pain and anxiety that this type of action creates in an organization. It's tough on everyone, most especially those directly impacted. We must continue to look forward, to be the best hospital we can be and provide the best care we can."

Hosptial spokesman Bob Allen told CNYcentral, "It's not just Crouse, it is every hopsital in the country. We are trying to position ourselves for what we see down the road when it comes to healthcare reform." "With or without 'Obamacare,' hospitals are seeing significant reducations in the amont of money they take in for providing care." "Labor is the most expensive part of our operation," Allen added.

In annoucing the latest round of layoffs, Crouse also revealed it will close its outpatient diabetes program in Liverpool. "That program and where it is located was not generating significant patient volume," Allen said. The 4 diabetes educators at the Liverpool site will be integrated into the hospital.

Crouse is also relocating its stroke unit back into the main medical/surgical area of the hospital on 6 South Irving. It will stop accepting new patients on 5 Memorial, effective November 12. In the communication from the CEO, Dr. Paul Kronenberg wrote: "Please note that as a NYS-designated stroke center, our commitment to the care of these patients remains as strong as ever. There is no change in leadership in this area, and the RNs who work on 5 Memorial will be offered positions in other areas of the hospital, including 6 South, where we will add additional RNs and nursing assistants."