Crowds fill Oswego County Village of Pulaski for peak salmon fishing season

If you're looking for peace and quiet - the salmon river during peak season might not be your best choice. The Pulaski area of Oswego County has more record size salmon than any river in the eastern United States and crowds of people are hoping to pull them in. Scott Beam caught his first fish here when he was 15 - since then he's come up from new jersey for multiple weekends, every year - for 30 years.

"There's no comparison. I've gone to Oregon, all over the country and this is the best I've fished in 30 years," said Beam.

Thousands of tourists pour into Pulaski every fall. On Friday, fishermen from Minnesota to Massachusetts were arriving for a weekend on the river. Patricia Genovese says the location reminds her of Alaska - but is a lot easier to get to.

"Even though there's this large river here, it's quaint it's beautiful," said Genovese. "You can go pick apples, you can do a lot of things here."

Mid-September to Mid-October is peak season for fishing and for local businesses. Arrive early if you want a table at the River House Restaurant on weekends.

"So many people in this town and you can only put so many people in and out the door between lunch and dinner," said owner Frank Catanzrite.

Thirty pound salmon can put up quite a fight but everyone on the water is hoping that next tug on the line is the big one.

"I want a big salmon," said Josh Page as he fished with his dad. "Dinner tonight."

Pulaski will also host a Salmon Fishing Derby on October 5th-7th.